Booster pack for more download?

Posted by: Jean-Philippe Theriault

12th September 2020, 6:43 am

Jean-Philippe Theriault


12 Sep 2020
6:43 am


I want my customer to have a fixed limit of download per month, but I want them to be able to raise that download limit with the purchace of a booster pack, say, 10-15 more download per month.

So far, when I try this, the old value for the download limit is replaced by the new one. Is there a way to add the download limit?

Say I have a basic limit of 20, and I want to get 10 more by buying a download package? The 10 more download will be applied yearly, not monthly.

Im using the pro version with woocommerce and woocommerce membership/subscription.



  • Developer
    Richard Webster


    13 Sep 2020
    7:49 am

    Hi mate, you'd have to use WooCommerce memberships. But download limits aren't packs, they work like subscriptions. A fixed amount based on what your set. So you could sell multiple membership plans with different limits.

    I'm putting out an update in a few days which allows limits to be set for user roles and user accounts, which will give you more options as well.