Does this shortcode exist?

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6th April 2021, 11:10 pm



6 Apr 2021
11:10 pm


Is there a shortcode for displaying the number of downloads left to the user or any of that information?

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    Richard Webster


    7 Apr 2021
    5:54 am

    Not for the downloads left. There is a shortcode for displaying the download limits with downloaded and downloads remaining, as shown on their account page. [download_limits]

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    7 Apr 2021
    4:44 pm

    Do you think this would be easy to implement in a small patch? Just the ability to use something like [downloads_left] and it displays a numerical value like 5. That way you can use the shortcode anyway you want and anywhere in text.

    This would be SUPER USEFUL, especially when wanting to just display the number remaining in a header or middle of a sentence in a widget.