[NEWS] Pro Edition 1.1.13

Posted by: Richard Webster

19th February 2019, 5:41 am

Richard Webster


19 Feb 2019
5:41 am

I'm pleased to announce that in the next version (1.1.13) of Free Downloads WooCommerce Pro you'll be able to use two new download delivery methods for serving files to your users. The default is to instantly download the file, which is the current behaviour, but you'll also be able to set it up so users are redirected to a "Thanks for downloading!" page which either starts the file download, or confirms that a download link has been emailed to them.

Download success page redirection as well as email links have been long requested features. I was going to create these as small paid add-ons, but decided to include them in the core build.

I'm still finishing work on the update so stay tuned for more details!

  • Developer
    Richard Webster


    25 Feb 2019
    8:56 pm

    Here is a list of all currently implemented changes as of 25th Feb 2019:

    • Change: Frontend free download checks are now only performed once per page load, making use of global variables to store data temporarily. This should improve performance on large sites
    • Fixed incorrect download checks on account page
    • Fixed invalid legacy somdn_is_product_valid() function calls
    • "target" link tag now supported in custom text areas that allow links
    • New display type for email capture form checkbox: Required Checkbox with Text. Form cannot be submitted until box is checked. Error message can be customised
    • Full integrated support for WooCommerce Quickview by IconicWP.
    • Added wp_nonce check for log exporting as well as changed init action
    • Added a new error logging system to catch some errors, viewable in the Settings -> Support -> Error Logs section. Can be copied, exported, or deleted from the settings page
    • MailChimp subscription error catching improved to give more detail
    • Plugin temporary uploads folder structure changed, as well as added empty index.php files to these directories to improve security
    • External files are now downloaded to the server temporarily, meaning they can be zipped when using certain multiple files display methods

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