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Whether you want to increase your sales, you have a website already and need an upgrade, you're looking for your first website, you want to make a bigger impression on social media, or anything else then we have the solution for you.

You found us because you have a problem, and we are here to solve it. That's what we do.

Square One Media specialises in the creation of innovative websites for individuals and small to medium sized companies, from design and development, as well as other key areas for online solutions.

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Our Seven Step Design Process

Square One Media has a web design process that is simple, clean and transparent. We allow fixed goals when the client vision is clear from the start, which helps estimations and timescale commitments.

However when needed we also use the agile development approach as each client is unique in their vision and requirements. This allows more flexibility through the various stages, which is great for projects that lack a concise design plan.

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1. Design consultation

Fundamentally the most important step of web design happens before a single line of code is written. We ask you a range of questions on what you envision your website to be, we listen, and then draw up a web design proposal and pricing structure for you.

2. Design mock up

After some good discussions about what you require and what you're looking to achieve we'll create several web design mockups of what we believe to be great solutions. You're free to choose one, or mix and match ideas. Once you're happy we'll move on to the next stage.

3. Layout and style

Depending on the website design focus we'll create pages with temporary content to show you how everything will look with your chosen design. Throughout this stage there will be chances to review the project so far. Continuous functional testing plays a major part in this stage.

4. Content infusion

It's at this stage that all of your website content including text and images are put in place. Text will be supplied by you, as well as images if you're providing your own. Some companies prefer their own images. If you don't want to supply your own text we have a content writing service available.

5. Project review

Once all of the web pages and content are in place we have a chance to do a final review of the project. This allows you to see if there are any features you'd like to add or changes you'd like to make, as well as ensuring the final product matches the initial requirement.

6. Non-functional testing

A final push of testing takes place that goes outside of the scope of normal user behaviour. This is to ensure the website remains stable and functional under as many conditions as possible including different browsers and operating systems. This is an important phase in any software development.

7. Launch

At this stage the only thing left to do is launch the website and finalise any SEO or social media work as required. A continued support and site updating after-sales service is available for clients if needed, however 28 days free technical support is included in all of our projects.

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Mobile Responsive Design

Website Products

Square One Media has the ability to create a wide array of products and services for your website. This is a brief list of what we can create.

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Blog or News Feed

Post updates to your blog or news section. RSS available.

Contact Form

Allows your visitors and potential customers to contact you quickly.


We can write all of your site's text for you, saving you time.

Discussion Forum

Build a community for your visitors, increasing site traffic.


Sell items on the web easily with images, descriptions and delivery costs.

Image Gallery

There's a variety of ways to show off your images to match your budget.

Logo & Graphic Design

Need a new logo or custom graphics? We've got you covered.

Newsletter Subscriptions

Let your visitors sign up to your newsletter with their email address.

Responsive Design

Our core design method, a website that works great on mobile, tablet, and PC.

Social Media Integration

Show your latest posts from Twitter and Facebook etc on your website.

Updatable Pages

CMS allows you to add pages, and change text and images using Wordpress.

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